30- day co-fit live series

Prove yourself that you are willing to a lifetime of new habits by taking the initial steps, no matter where, when or the outside circumstances. This is a challenge between YOU and YOU. Join our virtually guided workout sessions in two different time slots, all supervised and led by our instructors, providing you with all-round fitness, health & well-being solutions.

How co-fit live series and our team can help you:


Strength Training


Nutrition Guidance

Posture & Injury Correction

Ready to accept the challenge? Book your 30-day program.

6 disciplines - 5 instructors - 2 time slots

By booking our full month Co-Fit Virtual Series, you get access to join morning or evening sessions apt for all fitness levels from initial to expert, with flexible booking for those days when the routine gets tight. Our schedule changes every week, so you will see different fitness disciplines in different times of the week, making your routine more fun and pushing your body through positive and unexpected changes.

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Fighter Fit


WOD Chipper


Power Stretching

Cardio & Express ABS

Important details to know before booking:


- You will join daily virtual workout sessions based on various disciplines that involve cardio and high intensity training, so the estimated duration time is 45-60 mins per session

- All sessions will be conducted via Zoom by a professional and certified fitness instructor. We advise you to turn on your camera, this is extremely important for us to monitor your progress

- Make sure to be in a safe space where you feel free to perform in a proactive and uninterrupted way 

- Our fee includes 30 online guided sessions which are non-transferable and can only be availed by you

- Your purchase guarantees your participation in our program but does not guarantee a space in our time slots. After your purchase, we will contact you within 24 hours to know your preferred session between 7am or 7pm. 

To know more about the different benefits of our virtual classes or would like to get support from a human before booking, reach out to us via Whatsapp.



We provide the most essential and important information related to your sessions as well as 24/7 assistance for anything else. Bookings, passes and schedules will be the main content shared in our Whatsapp network and you can be a part of it by sending us a message.


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