More than just a gym, a lifestyle in itself. A modern take on fitness that will flip your world up-side down.

We believe in creating an environment wherein our members and staff can feel comfortable. A place where you can be yourself and everyone is treated as an equal. An unforgettable and rich fitness experience that uses raw training perspectives and pampers you with outstanding hospitality.

Our team is made up of knowledgeable, passionate, and creative individuals who make the Boxx Era experience one of a kind.


All classes have been curated with our own training style.

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Dark Room Trainings

We are pioneers. Working out in the dark removes all the elements of comparison or competition, which is the main reason why we have curated this training modality. Darkness eliminates an intimidating atmosphere, the low lights make everyone feel welcomed. You get all the benefits of working out with a group of hard-working, like-minded people and will never feel judged. The dark room allows athletes to lose themselves in such a way, that people around them stops being a concern. It's a beautiful opportunity to go inward, as darkness facilitates that intimate connection with oneself. All of these perks have made us create the first dark room training facility from India.

Enjoy this ambience and its great effects on your performance by joining any of our classes.