Choose your goal, give us your commitment and see the transformation.

What is a Transformation Clinic?

Is an integral programme designed, tested and proven to make changes in every aspect of a person not only from the fitness point of view. It consists of a deep detox stage which involves a lot of physical exercise, change of habits and introduction to new behaviours in order to leverage advanced nutritional strategies and specific workout routines to transform your body in a short period of time.

Who can take this programme?

It only takes willpower and courage to accept this as a personal challenge, however the only prerequisite a person should follow before starting  the body transformation programme is to confirm their overall physical condition with a full check-up recommended by the expert.

About the Expert

     -Bachelors & Masters Degree in Health & Fitness

     -Exercise physiologist 

     -Sports Medicine and Advanced Nutrition expert

     -Certifications: Crossfit, Kettlebell, Personal Training and Group Exercise Instructor.


Coach Jeeth is a Fitness Trainer, Sports Choreographer, Boxing Coach, Body Transformation Specialist and has designed athletic trainings for celebrities such as Priyanka Chopra, who went through her regimen for the movie Mary Kom. Since 2010, Jeeth has trained many national and international level athletes, both amateur and professional.


She is an International and national champion in Boxing and Lawn Tennis and in addition to her sports specific knowledge, Jeeth's passion for outdoors has made her pursue various certifications in Mountaineering and other adventure courses until advanced levels.


Areas of Expertise



     -Body Transformations

     -Strength and Conditioning 


     -Sports Conditioning 

     -Lifestyle Assessment 

     -Sports Medicine and Nutrition 

     -Functional Training 

     -High Intensity Interval Training 

     -Weight Training


     -Improvement of Medical Cases 


Will you accept my challenge?


"I started playing tennis when I was 6 years old and during my teens I focused more on physical training. I played Boxing, lawn tennis, swimming, mountaineering, and football. Various international players have been coached by me and reached provincial finals. Different celebrities achieved their fitness goals under my coaching as well. I believe in transforming lives physically and mentally through body building, fat loss programmes, exercise physiology, sports medicine and athletic workouts specially designed for each case and body type. Passion often leads me to criticism from my peers for being 'a hardcore trainer', however the results I get from my students after a tough workout season, seeing them achieve what they were looking for is like fresh air to my soul.


People started asking me how do I do it. How do I train so hard and with so much discipline. I realized that it's not a special formula/secret/product or a routine, it's a lifestyle. After this, I believe people in general can have the same benefits in terms of physical and mental health, no matter how busy, young or old they are, when discipline and passion meet the experience of a good fitness coach, sky is the limit.


The best way for you to live a better life is through major lifestyle changes. I was not born a fitness trainer and, as any human being, I go through ups and downs too. Educating ourselves about nutrition and the impact it has over our bodies is a must. I have empowered myself and keep improving my skills because I want to make sure I can empower you as an individual too.


Traveling opens your mind and as soon as I had the opportunity to visit other countries, could learn and experience their advances in the fitness industry by breaking myths about human body. I studied every research and brought that knowledge from an international spectrum to India.


Accept this challenge, I commit to transform individuals by offering the best health management advise.

Specialised programmes for every case:

Nutrition Plans included

Overall Lifestyle Assessment

Transform yourself in 1, 2, 3 or 6-month programmes

Why choosing Boxx Era's Team as my transformation coach?

Boxx Era is not just a gym, but a place that encourages for a complete lifestyle change by the hand of highly qualified and certified coaches. We are driven by passion and honesty, which is why ethics play a big role when it comes to recommending you solutions. This and many other values will guarantee that you get only a responsible, sustainable advice without compromising your health.

How to apply for the Transformation Clinic?

Everything starts with a conversation. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what motivates you.