From dark athletes to body architects

A clan that sees you for what you are. A team built on the foundation stones of sports science and years of hard-earned experience.

An unconventional workout space; a clinic to eradicate those hindering health issues; an educational hub for anyone willing to learn - call it as you please - just share your ambition and see the transformation.

Your vision, your journey.

We've just got your back.

Dark Room Trainings

Your space - to be in sync with your senses

Your refuge - for whenever you choose to step away from the spotlight

Your arena - for that warrior in making

Enter yourself for Dark Room Training sessions to discover a new way to workout. To discover a new you.

prepare to be future-ready

Transformation Clinic, first-time-in-India "Dark Room Trainings", the only boxing ring with worldwide standards from Delhi and a team of trainers like you have never seen before.


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D-69, Hauz Khas, near Main Market,

New Delhi 110016, Delhi, India

Tel: +91 1141539519

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